LiveProcess Discharge

Optimize hospital discharge coordination

Whether transitioning care to a patient’s home or to a rehabilitation care facility, achieving a smooth discharge process for each hospital patient demands a high degree of transition-of-care coordination, within and beyond the hospital walls. Streamlining discharge coordination can make beds available for new admissions.

Keep patients flowing with LiveProcess

LiveProcess simplifies and automates discharge logistics with physicians, hospital departments, transportation, secondary care admissions, and home care agencies.

You can save time by eliminating phone calls and phone tag, and ensure all the correct steps of the discharge process are followed. This approach can reduce the likelihood of readmission, and on-time discharge may improve patient satisfaction.

Improve coordination for on-time discharge

LiveProcess messages can be sent to individual contacts and pre-established groups, such as a preferred network of partners and agencies.

Requests and alerts are sent and received via each recipient’s preference – email, voice, fax, pager or text.

Prepared replies resolve logistics more quickly, such as by responding with the time a service is needed or specific requirements.

Learn more about LiveProcess Discharge in this datasheet.

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