Large US Hospital Faces a Ransomware Cyberattack

Hospital communication during a ransomware attack

Across the US, hospitals are being hit by ransomware and other cyberattacks. Some facilities targeted by ransomware cyberattacks include our customers who benefited from having LiveProcess cloud-based communication and collaboration apps, which remained fully functional and accessible throughout the attacks. The hospitals’ responses to the attacks ranged from simply notifying executive leadership to providing full staff alerts with updates sent at regular intervals.

Uptime achieved

A large hospital in the Eastern US with LiveProcess apps took mobile healthcare coordination to a high level when it suffered the loss of the great majority of its clinical and business information services. While ransomware and other kinds of malware can paralyze a healthcare institution, this hospital was able to maintain continuity of care by deploying the LiveProcess emergency management and collaboration platform, and by leveraging its information aggregation capability to its full benefit.

The use of LiveProcess Emergency Manager enabled the hospital to avoid going on diversion or canceling scheduled surgeries during the cyberattack. Find out how. Email this to a friend.