LiveProcess Delivers on CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule for Home Health Agencies and Hospice

Comply with unique CMS emergency preparedness requirements for home health agencies

CMS emergency preparedness rule brief

Home health agencies (HHAs) were granted many exceptions from hospital standards when the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a final rule on comprehensive emergency preparedness. Yet HHAs have a critical role to play in a collaborative
response to disasters and other emergency situations. HHAs are required to:

  • Develop an emergency plan based on an all-hazards risk assessment, including creating an individual plan for each patient based on medical needs and living situation.
  • Establish policies and procedures that ensure the continuity of care and essential services, including informing federal, state and local officials about patients in need of evacuation.
  • Create a communication plan to coordinate care, including maintaining a backup means of communication and the HHA’s availability to assist other agencies.
  • Test the emergency preparedness plan and train staff by conducting drills and identifying areas for improvement. HHAs are not exempt from the full-scale community exercise requirement.

Meet communication and collaboration needs with LiveProcess

LiveProcess capabilities help HHAs comply with each element of the CMS emergency preparedness final rule. For example:

  • A trusted central source for all documentation supports staff in multiple locations and makes it easier to roll up information in collaboration with healthcare or agency partners.
  • Structured messaging and response options increase speed of delivery, clarity and accountability.
  • Pre-defined notification groups can be adapted on the fly.
  • The message management dashboard allows a centralized view of message receipt and response status and activity logs, so communications can be reviewed at a glance.
  • The contacts database stores essential information using customizable data fields such as certifications and licenses, cross-training, skillsets and titles to find
    the right staff quickly.
  • Multi-modal, multi-way communication helps ensure backup communication channels are available via SMS, email, fax, pager or voice, with built-in multilingual translation.
  • 24×7 support and ease of use for emergency preparedness drills, emergency management and routine home health agency operations ensure your healthcare organization is prepared, calm and confident.

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