Real-time Communication

For any situation across the healthcare system

Real-time Coordination Platform

Lets you take control of emergent situations

Healthcare Emergency Management Platform

For every type of healthcare organization and agency

LiveProcess mobile solutions enable real-time healthcare coordination and efficient emergency response

LiveProcess solutions are purpose-built for healthcare 

Communication and coordination all in one platform

“The same system that can flawlessly manage an infectious disease crisis also helps solve routine staffing callouts and can handle just about every situation in between.”

– Amanda Freeman, Emergency Management Coordinator, Florida Hospital

“We were able to work very efficiently with the Dallas Medical Operations Center, exchanging information, communicating supply needs and sharing documentation, as well as arranging for physicians and caregivers at the convention center and other shelters.” 

– Rachel Hedstrom, Communications Staffer, Children’s Medical Center

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Real-time coordination from the palm of your hand

Instant system-wide coordination with emergency, clinical, operational or care teams with a single touch


One touch gets it done

Instant system-wide communication for emergency, clinical, operational and care teams, with a single touch

virtual situation center and virtual incident command to manage, analyze and respond to changing situations in real-time emergency management for crisis and incident response


Take situational awareness to new levels

Manage, analyze and respond to changing situations in real-time

 mobilize mass notification for emergency response


Anyone, anywhere, any time

Find the right people, send the right message, get the right response, at the right time

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LiveProcess empowers you to take control of emergent situations and collaboratively resolve operational disruptions, urgent health needs and emergencies