Real-time collaboration and coordination apps for hospitals, health systems, and state agencies

How can you use LiveProcess apps?

Keep Nurses Nursing with more time for patient care for higher patient satisfaction, higher nurse satisfaction, better healthcare care quality scores

The Nursing Floor

Keep nurses nursing

Manage patient transitions

Make staff adjustments

Streamline patient discharge

Coordinate organ transplants

Keep patients flowing, patient throughput, avoid overcrowding, manage patient surges, instantly mobilize response teams, NEDOCS

The ED

Keep patients flowing

Avoid overcrowding

Manage patient surge

Instantly mobilize code-response teams

streamline hospital operations, contain pandemics, might malware, keep working while EMR system down, manage outages

The Hospital

Keep operations running smoothly

Contain pandemics

Fight malware attacks

Alert on service line outages

Facilitate equipment repair

Crisis management and incident response for emergency management, preparedness planning, community and coalition partner coordination, after action reports (AAR) and more

The World We Live In

Keep cool in critical situations

Evaluate vulnerabilities

Foster resiliency

Establish incident command

Coordinate, accelerate and track response

Achieve real-time situational awareness

Real-time healthcare from the palm of your hand

Instant system-wide coordination with emergency, clinical, operational or care teams with a single touch


One touch gets it done

Instant system-wide coordination for emergency, clinical, operational or care teams with a single touch

virtual situation center and virtual incident command to manage, analyze and respond to changing situations in real-time emergency management for crisis and incident response


Take situational awareness to new levels

Manage, analyze and respond to changing situations in real-time

 BYOD, mobilize from anyware by findingthe right people, sending the right message, getting the right response, at the right time for emergency management, crisis and incident management


Anyone, anywhere, any time

Find the right people, send the right message, get the right response, at the right time

Using LiveProcess apps

cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS), external data center for business continuity (BCP)


bring your own browser-based device BYOD including desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, smartphone, iPad, Droid, Android and iPhone and more

Bring your own device

From any location, in the hospital, in the community, at home - virtual situation center and virtual incident command

Any location

two-way communication, multi-way communication, even n-way communication

N-way communication





“The same system that can flawlessly manage an infectious disease crisis also helps solve routine staffing callouts and can handle just about every situation in between. I am the biggest fan of LiveProcess you’ll find.”

– Amanda Freeman, Emergency Management Coordinator, Florida Hospital

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